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Eat Global. Grow Local.

We Grow Fresh, Healthy, Tasty Food in the Heart of the City

Transform your unused, underutilized and unmonetized commercial and residential spaces into fully-managed, high-yield, sustainable urban farm setups.
Why urban farming?

The Philippines Needs a Fresh Food Revolution!

Our mission is to evolve the sustainable food scene in the Philippines by introducing cleaner, fresher and smarter grown greens – all grown locally and hydroponically.

Healthy, Tasty, High Quality Food

Our hydroponic farm systems produce delicious, high-quality greens which are bursting with flavor and goodness, 100% GMO-free, and totally free of artificial pesticides.

Reliable Year-Round Availability

We combine the latest hydroponic, IoT and blockchain technology with the best of traditional agriculture to produce stable, year-round harvests safe from the threat of typhoons and droughts.

Grown Locally in the Philippines

By growing locally we reduce the Farm-To-Table distance from food miles to food steps, with 90% less water used compared to conventional farming and a massively reduced CO2 footprint.

How It Works

We help you transform your unused, underutilized and unmonetized commercial and residential spaces into profitable, eco-friendly sources of fresh, local food. The result is a zero-hassle, extra revenue stream for you and high-quality, healthier food for all.


We select the right hydroponic system and crop selection to suit the needs of your local market demand and the provided growing environment.


We manage all aspects of planting, growing and harvesting, as well as identifying the target customers and selling the produce.


We take care of distribution by providing selected restaurants, hotels, and bars with a reliable source of high quality, local, fresh produce.

Let's Grow Together!

Turn Spare Space Into a Clean, Green Revenue Stream

Do you have an unused rooftop, basement, or other space that could be generating income? Talk to us today about how to convert it into a source of tasty recurring revenue.

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Looking For the Freshest Greens In Town?

Is your bar or restaurant struggling to source fresh, high-quality, local ingredients? Say goodbye to supply worries and quality concerns with our delicious range of sustainable superfoods available all year around.

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We're Hiring!

Join Our Team!

Looking to join a diverse team of driven professionals who are making the world a greener, healthier and better place? We are always looking for agronomists of all levels and are also open to local and international internships as well.

To apply, please submit the following via email:

- Your résumé.
- A motivational letter which includes your reason for wanting to join and what you can contribute from day one.

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