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The Philippines, a tropical country capable of growing mostly anything, should be an agricultural powerhouse. Instead, we face constant problems with food security and quality of produce.

Traditional rural farming practices are unable to supply the food needs of the modern Philippines.

A combination of outdated, inefficient farming practices and the constant threat of typhoons, summer droughts, and volcanic eruptions all make production on exposed farmland extremely difficult.

The result is that the Philippines has to either import fresh produce from regional neighbors or fly it halfway around the world at huge cost to the environment.

Add in the typical congestion and traffic nightmare of a mega-metropolis like Manila and the sad reality is that fresh, high-quality, healthy, local produce is nearly impossible to find. That's the problem we're here to solve!

Urban Greens was founded by Ralph Becker in October 2016 with a mission to evolve the Philippines' food scene by introducing cleaner, fresher, smarter grown greens – all made possible by hydroponic urban farming.

Check out this CNN Philippines Earth Day special about CEO and Founder Ralph Becker to find out more about what motivated him to start Urban Greens.

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