Our Story

Tech enthusiast at heart and big international corporation trained, Ralph discovered that his time and talent can be spent doing something with more impact and meaning. Originally hailing from Europe, but lived and worked in 10+ countries, Ralph decided to move to the country of his mother’s origin to start his own business in hydroponics.

Identifying the deficiencies in overall healthy food awareness and availability of good quality vegetables in the Philippines whilst acknowledging the challenges presented by the region’s hostile environment which is constantly battered by Typhoons and a blistering heat, as well as the rural farm crisis that caused an  influx of people into the already overcrowded big cities, Ralph challenged himself to find a sustainable solution to help address these issues.

One technology that has seen quite a renaissance in the last couple of years was touted to be part of an overall solution for such issues listed above – hydroponic urban farming. In small and large scale for rooftops, offices, home use, bars and restaurants hydroponic farming has nearly endless application opportunities that can all contribute to alleviating  these issues that the Philippines faces.

Urban Greens was founded at the end of 2016 with its mission to disrupt the Philippine and regional vegetable food scene, by introducing healthier, smarter grown greens – grown entirely hydroponic. This means without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides, non-GMO crops, solar powered, using minimal amounts of water, and grown in the city thus dramatically reducing the farm to table distance as well as minimizing the carbon foot print.

The company is currently working on some larger scale hydroponic rooftop systems with an overall goal to reclaim all unused rooftop spaces in and around the Philippines.

We don’t believe that there needs to be a compromise between healthy food, great taste, or cost. We are passionate about bringing this vision into reality to the urban centers of the world.

Join us in realizing the goal of bringing great tasting and healthy food to more people.

Hydroponics: it’s a growing market!