Our Story

The Philippines, a tropical country capable of growing anything anywhere is unfortunately experiencing problems in its food security. Its traditional rural farming practices are inefficient to supply the population’s food needs; plus the battling typhoons and summer droughts keep hitting its shores. There’s a huge need to import produce from neighboring countries such as Taiwan, China, Australia and New Zealand and with the congestion of the mega metropolis and traffic nightmares left and right, fresh, affordable produce in Manila is few and far between.

Ralph, a tech-enthusiast trained in an international corporation for 10+ years, decided to move to the country of his mother’s origin to do something with more impact and meaning. When he realized the food system inefficiencies and overall unhealthy food availabilities, he challenged himself to find a sustainable solution. The first hydroponic system in his apartment was born.

The technology of hydroponic urban farming was advocated to be part of an overall solution for the food system issues listed above. On small and large-scale rooftops, in offices, bars, restaurants, and homes, hydroponic farming has nearly endless applications that can contribute to alleviate the issues the Philippines is facing.

Urban Greens was founded on October 2016 with its mission to evolve the Philippine’s vegetable food scene by introducing cleaner, fresher, smarter grown greens – grown entirely hydroponically. This means without the use of soil, but with much less water needed compared to conventional farming. It’s non-GMO with no need for pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides.

The company is currently working on large-scale hydroponic rooftop and indoor systems. Our overall goal is to reclaim all unused rooftops as well as to create the largest indoor farm in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Join us in realizing the goal of bringing great tasting and healthy food to more people.

Hydroponics: a growing market!