Our towers can be leased in 12 month (also known as our “Care Package”) and 24 month (“Lease to Own”) terms.  The 24 month term, on top of having a lower monthly cost, will be a “lease to own” option.

Each tower would also be configured for either indoor or outdoor use.  This can be indicated on the checkout page below.  As an example, the indoor towers would include a frame and LED grow lights with each tower order.  The outdoor towers would not require the grow lights due to their exposure to natural sunlight.

Lastly, when choosing your tower, you will be provided the option for either the “Gardener“or the “Eat All You Can” option.  The Gardener configuration is for the individual who wants to cultivate the seedlings into fully developed plants.  While the Eat All You Can option provides larger plants (between 2 to 3 weeks old) for their required consumption levels.


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